Miss Black & Gold
Scholarship Pageant


2018-2019 Pageant

The Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant is an event whose primary purpose is to highlight and foster the inextricable connection between success and etiquette amongst young women. This pageant spotlights the young women's poise, self-confidence, communication skills, intelligence, and beauty. In all, the Miss Black and Gold Pageant encompasses true womanhood, success, and confidence. Academic excellence and scholarship are greatly stressed in the competition with the Fraternity providing the contestants with scholarships to assist with the financial obligations associated with post-secondary studies. The pageant is in conjunction with June and July Productions. The 2018-19 Miss Black & Gold Pageant will be held on March 17, 2019.

Cecilia Turner Katherine Do Amirah Frye Camille Jones Kristin Jones Nyia Mainor Jordan Washington Chandini Kannon Megan Maye Danielle Dawson
2019 Pageant Contestants
2018-2019 Miss Black & Gold Contestants

Queens of Zeta Pi

Miss Cecilia Turner
Miss Black & Gold 18-19

Miss Keyrell Wingfield
Miss Black & Gold 17-18

Miss Morgan Palmer
Miss Black & Gold 16-17

Miss Cilicia Thorton
Miss Black & Gold 15-16

Miss Kayla Hutchinson
Miss Black & Gold 14-15